Anonymous: Duuude where are you, I've been waiting for some photos it feels like it's been a while since you have posted anything, I understand that you have a life an all but don't leave me hangin I really miss your pictures 👽✌️

sorry dude, my computer broke so no photoshop :-((( 

Anonymous: where you been??!!!! miss ur pictures :-(

sorry dude my computer broke so I haven’t been able to edit any photos :-( 

Anonymous: Bruh we never hanged out yet :-(


Anonymous: do you answer all your questions? how come you won't answer mine

nope haha I’m way too lazy sorry lmao 

Anonymous: Then would you date Sky? lol

hahahaha what nooooo 

Anonymous: on the picture of you and that girl eating pizza, how did you get that disposable camera effect ? Like did you edit it if so how? or is how you took the picture. and this post too /post/88834184075/homiessss

I don’t do anything to get that disposable effect specifically because I edit all my photos very similarily, but on all my photos I just mess with the curves especially with the red curve and when using my rokinon lens I usually always edit the offset~ 

Anonymous: are you mixed? I cant believe youre Mexican! lol

hahahaha yeah I’m mexican, cuban, spanish, filipino and then a bunch of white stuff 

Anonymous: You are the coolest creature in the whole world man